Sunday, February 24, 2008

These last two months

Sorry that all of these events are out of order! I put on the pictures backwards on accident and didn't know how to switch them around! :)

This last week we decided that it would be fun to throw a fiesta this we did! It was a total success! In all, we counted that around 56 people came throughout the night! We made signs and got decorations from All a Dollar and Zurcher's. Most of the pictures taken throughout the night on my camera were not even taken by me! Two boys, Topher and Wyatt, took my camera and just took random pictures throughout the night.
I love having all of these crazy pictures that I didn't even know were being taken! Wyatt is actually a guy that I met through a friend in one of my classes. I was eating with her at lunch on Thursday and 2 guys in her ward, Daniel and Wyatt, came and sat with us. I invited all 3 of them to the fiesta and we went our separate ways. My friend ended up not coming, but her friends and their other 2 roommates did! I thought it was pretty funny that they would come even without her, but they were really fun to get to know! We had a pinata and we served chips and salsa and taquitos. At the beginning we had salsa dancing going on, and by the end, it was just a whole lot of chatting and listening to Spanish music. Kasse and I want to have another theme party soon! We were thinking maybe an 80's night :)

Kasse and her friends came over one night with E.L. Fudge cookies and marshmallows so that we could roast s'more's over our gas stove. They tasted delicious but then we didn't know what to do with the excess cookies and marshmallows. So we decided to play the oreo game with E.L. Fudge cookies instead. What you do, is you pull the cookie in half so all of the frosting is on one side. You then lick the frosting and stick it on your forehead. The point is then to move the cookie down to your mouth without using your hands. We then played chubby bunny to get rid of the marshmallows. I think Ian fit 10 in his mouth! And they were the big marshmallows!

These are pictures from the first time we went shopping this semester. We actually had food!!! We lived on almost nothing for the first couple weeks of this year and we finally decided to get real food from a real grocery store instead of just the creamery. It has been wonderful ever since!

On Valentine's Day mom brought my roommates and I these lovely pink sugar cookies and they were so delicious!
Since none of us are currently dating any boys, we spent Valentine's Day just the 3 of us! We went shopping at target, picked up Cafe Rio, and watched the Jane Austen Book Club. It was a fantastic Valentine's Day!

This semester I got a new roommate since Makayla got married and moved out. Her name is Kasse Adams and she is from Draper Utah. She went to Waterford and she is so awesome!

This month Brikaeli came and stopped for a visit which was exciting. The picture below is later that night, one of our first bonding experiences as new was pretty crazy! We took 94 really attractive pictures of us...just like this one...I love my roommates :)
Later, in February, we went tubing as a ward activity at Soldier's Hollow. I really didn't want to go because I had had the longest day, I hadn't done well on a test, and all I wanted to do was change into my sweats, eat junk food, and watch a movie. Luckily, Kasse, my dark haired roommate, convinced me, well, actually guilted me into going. She is new this semester in our ward and told me that if I didn't go she wasn't going and she really wanted to go. So I went, and it was a blast!
I just thought this was such a beautiful picture! I took it as we were driving to Soldier's Hollow.
This is a picture of me, Kasse, and Hailey. Hailey lives across the stairwell but she is our honorary 4th roommate!
This is a video of us going down one of the runs at Soldier Hollow. SO much fun!!!! And Hailey lost her hat which is why she starts screaming at the end :)