Thursday, December 22, 2011

Craaaaaazy Lady

This lady has now called in twice while I have been in work today, and she is literally crazy. She started saying random years, numbers, and then told me to keep it on record. Here are examples of what she told me:

"0-7-4-5-6-8-3-7-1 and the initial with that is M, ok? Now, July 27th. And thenext one is August 192. Then we have December 1-9-2-6-7-9. Then we have December 1-9-9-3 and the number with that is 6-7-9.........Next is January 2-0-0-2 which means it is 8-5-1, then December 2-0-0-2 which is 8-6-2 (etc, etc)"

She then proceeded to give me the number for the Social Security office and told me to wait for someone to answer, because eventually they would. All I had to do was wait. She continued on with the dates and random numbers and then told me to make a copy and send it into the Supreme Court and also keep it on record. She told me to send it in to Jurisdoctor Clarence Thomas and to call the Supreme Court to get the address and I could call them by calling information. She instructed me to have the person having him sign for this delivery to make note of what the Honorable Clarence Thomas was wearing when he signed for the package, and also what his hair color was, his facial expressions, his facial color, and any distinctive marks. She also told me to make a copy and give it to my best friend because you better have it when you go to court.

Very polite and sweet lady.....but completely off her rocker. I wonder why she wanted all of that information about the good judge? And if she wikipedia'd him, she would get many of those questions answered.

She called back about 10 minutes later and said,
"Hi, I wanted to give a message to the Senator. 1-9-9-1 is the first one, and after that is 1-9-9-2 and after that is 1-9-9-3 and after that is 1-9-9-4 and after that is 1-9-9-5 and after that is 1-9-9-6 and after that is 1-9-9-7 and that is 1-9-9-8 and then it is 1-9-9-9 and then it is 1-9-9-10 and then it goes back to 1-9-9-2. Thank you so much."

I am extremely glad and grateful she called in to tell me the order of the years and some random numbers. I should have told her that I had already delivered her message to the supreme court and that Clarence Thomas was black with white hair and was wearing a black robe. I'm sure she would have appreciated that very much.