Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Car Accidents

This last year, I have realized how many tragic car accidents there are on an every day basis, and it has become something that I worry about all the time.

I lost my best friend Vanessa in a car crash, some of our good family friends had a son in a terrible car accident, but so far he is slowly recovering, and a woman at my work lost her brother last night in a car accident.

I know that accidents do happen, and that sometimes there really was nothing that could have been done to prevent it, but can I beg everyone who reads this to be so careful. Please. I love you all and I don't want anything to happen to you. Also have your friends and family be aware of just how deadly it can be. It terrifies me that I will lose someone else that I love dearly because of the recklessness of the other people on the road.

Don't take those you love for granted. Take advantage of every moment with with. Tell and show them how much you love them.

I know that we are so lucky to have the knowledge of the Plan of Salvation, and I believe it with all of my heart. I know that we can live with those that we love again and that this life really is a short time in our existence. That doesn't change how painful it is to lose those we are closest to. There is always that pang of sadness that comes out when we see or hear or taste something that reminds us of them.

So remember that next time you're on the road. Please, drive safe.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Talent Shows

I have decided that I strongly-dislike talent shows. I don't necessarily mind watching them, I just hate the pressure that comes with participating. When people know that you sing, they say, "Hey! You should do something!" and you say, "I don't have anything ready to perform, or an accompanist" and they say, "who cares?!" Well, the people watching, and more importantly, I do.

It is stressful trying to find someone to play or pick a song that you won't need someone to play for you. Also, I have mostly sung classical songs which I do not want to do for the talent show.

There is far too much pressure for ward talent shows, and I for one do not appreciate it.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Recent favorite loves

1. Downton Abbey: I can not thank Allison enough for introducing me to this lovely British early 20th century based show. If you love Jane Austen, give it a look.

2. Documentaries: My brother Jeff is the ultimate nerd and I have made fun of him many times in the last 6 months for choosing to watch documentaries....pretty much daily. (This is the result of having access to Netflix. It's a gift...and a curse) Imagine how I am eating my words now when the other day, a documentary about Egypt came on while I was hanging out with Jeff, and I watched the whole thing. Yes. It was shameful, but at the same time awesome. Since then I have watched another one about Egypt (don't blame me, blame my semester abroad for my obsession with anything about Egypt or the Middle East) and also one about Ben and Jerry's ice cream and how it came to be. In case you have not had a chance to watch these, let me share my new-found knowledge:

Egypt: They found a new shaft in the Great Pyramid of Khufu. They spent days designing a robot to go through the shaft so that they could see what was behind the blocked end of the passage way. They drilled a hole through it aaaannnnnddddd..............found another blocked passage way. They were all extremely excited about it, while I was frustrated after watching an hour and a half to find out what was behind it to find nothing. Oh well. Still interesting.

Ben and Jerry's: Basically they were 2 guys that had no direction (Ben teaching art after dropping out of college and Jerry being rejected from med school twice) and so they decided to start their own company. This one really was interesting too if any of you have 45 minutes to kill and a Netflix account.

3. The Bachelor: Now don't judge me. This is my guilty pleasure show. I have loved it for the last 3 years and I am not about to give it up. I mean, come on, how can you not enjoy the crazies that decide to go on this show? If they decide to go on national television, i reserve the right to watch them while on my couch in my sweats and critique every action and word that comes out of their mouth. Also on that topic, I think Ben is a tool and he is going to choose Courtney, who is a woman tool, and they will not make it to After the Final Rose. Also, how weird was the vow thing with her this week?? Right??? Super weird. And the fact that he didn't think it was weird makes him weird.


I love this blog for a multitude of reasons. First, I love that she is so stylish and modest at the same time. Second, she has a lot of good insights into a lot of topics such as family and the gospel. She also loves the movie You've Got Mail as much as I do, so I believe we are kindred spirits. I loved her most recent post about love and making it last, so here is a link to it. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!


Yesterday, driving down to Provo, lots of songs came on that reminded me of you. Sean Kingston, David Archuleta, Grace Kelly by Mika, Kelly Clarkson My Life Would Suck Without You.

You should be home. I should be able to call you. I had a big pang of missing you last night. I wish we could live together next year. Love you my trayzure.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


This is my new favorite video and I can't stop watching it. I think she is absolutely adorable.