Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Boy Rant

This is just a rant of a single girl in Provo Utah. Why is it that guys think that all girls obviously want to have moves made on them? Has it not crossed their minds that maybe it should also be our decision if they hold our hands, try to cuddle us, or any other form of affection reserved for someone we are interested in? I have been "hand raped" (had my held hand without my permission/consent) twice since coming to Provo. The first, I had my arms cross (signal #1) and he poked my side and then grabbed my hand. REALLY??!?! The second, we were watching a movie, I had my hands tucked between my legs which apparently means come and get 'em, and he leaned over, told me his hand was cold, and grabbed my hand. Unacceptable. I just don't understand. Maybe one day I will figure it out, but as for now I will never ever sit next to a boy without my arms firmly crossed.