Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Dark Knight at Midnight

Thursday night at midnight I was able to go and see the new Batman movie, and it was awesome!!! The whole story was unpredictable and highly entertaining! It was a little violent and some of the violence was hard to watch, but the overall movie was something worth watching. It was a pretty dark movie with the psychotic Joker as the main character that just enjoys killing people, so I would not recommend watching it 2 times in one day. Although I did. I went on a date Friday night and we ended up seeing the Dark Knight. So in a 24 hour period I saw it twice! I also had 2 offers to see it Saturday night, but I passed and instead spent the night talking with Erika which was so much fun :) I'm so glad she's around this month! Love you Erika :) So if you're debating whether or not to see the Dark Knight, I would definitely see it! Just leave the kids at home...

Watch out....

Two weeks ago I was at work and the boys and I decided to go and play tennis. We got all of their tennis gear together and we went and stopped by my house so that I could grab my gear too! We left the house and drove down Robidoux. We got to the Timmin's house and a car backed straight out of their driveway right in front of me and almost hit my car! I could tell that they hadn't seen me and I felt lucky that I had managed to somehow avoid being hit. I turned to the right to go down the street to Creek Road and the whole time I was kind of bugged that the car that was now in front of me had almost hit me! We both stopped at the stop sign and she started to turn left onto Creek and suddenly stopped! I looked and there was a car that had started turning from Creek onto the road that we were on and it had suddenly stopped as well. The car in front of me had obviously not seen this car coming and was embarrassed that it was now in the middle of the road and the car that wanted to turn onto our street was waiting for her to move forward. Instead of moving forward as I expected, she quickly backed up right into the front of my car! Now she had a big SUV and I was driving my little Plymouth Neon. Their car had a little scratch and the hood of my car was bent up. It didn't look too bad but it ended up costing quite a bit, which luckily they paid for very willingly. The kids that I had with me thought that it was so cool that we had been in a car crash and they kept repeating what I had said right after we had been hit. It was silent for a second and I said "Are you serious?". They thought that was pretty funny because I think they were expecting some 4 letter words of frustration. I'm really glad that I didn't swear so that they weren't repeating swear words all day!

How I felt about giving up my car for a week so that it could get fixed!

The Nanny Diaries

Nannying this summer has been very different then I expected! It has been a great experience but also very hard. In addition to being the nanny I am also the maid. I don't mean to say that in a negative connotation, that's just the way things have been this summer. I do the laundry, do the dishes, dust the floor, get rid of the fingerprints on the glass, change the sheets, iron, and many other cleaning responsibilities. It's a lot of hard work, but I really don't mind most of the time! Especially since I'm getting paid pretty well :) The oldest, Jacob, is 12 and literally never around. He is golfing all day everyday! If he's not in a competition he is at the driving range or playing 24 holes. I am kind of glad that he is gone because he is a pretty contentious child when he's around. He's not very nice to his brothers, me, or even his mom! So to have him play golf all the time is just the way I like it! It sure makes my job a whole lot easier! Here are some pictures of some of the activities that we have done this summer:

Andrew (7) and David (10) bought some pet fish! They lasted about a week...

We went bowling and the boys just had a hay-day with my camera and taking pictures!

Swimming at Willow Creek. This was my first time trying my camera underwater and it was awesome!
Left to right: Andrew (7), David (10), and their friend Ethan (10) that is basically always over at their house so I feel like he is one of the Turners :)

"Camping Out"

Us in our Camping Gear
June 13th was Jaimie Fredrickson's 19th birthday so Annie and I decided that we should do something special to celebrate this momentous occasion. We decided that we should camp out on Carla Baliff's (our old young women president) front lawn. We didn't tell her that we were coming because we wanted it to be a surprise! To get in the mood of a camp out we put on camouflage hats and orange vests. Normally orange vests are meant only for hunting, but we decided that it seemed appropriate :)
Taking a 3 minute nap to get ready to stay up all night

We carried the tent over by sticking it on top of the car and just holding onto it with our hands. Don't worry, we didn't have to go very far....and it was about 2:30 in the morning by then so there weren't many people out on the streets

We struggled putting up the tent

The Wisdom Teeth Saga

Three and a half weeks ago I got my wisdom teeth out! I had to get all 4 out, so if the next time you see me I'm not completely there mentally, I now can attribute it to the fact that I no longer have my wisdom teeth. After I came home dad told me that on my right side my top tooth was close to my sinus cavity so I was not allowed to sneeze, cough, or do anything that may lead to a hole in my sinus cavity!.....Now I'm not sure how I managed holding it all in, but I luckily I didn't sneeze or cough a hole into my face. By Monday the swelling had started to go down, but it came down in a lopsided fashion. The picture above is what my face looked like until the swelling went all the way down, although it became progressively better as it became less swollen.
I thought that I was in the clear until we went on our girls trip to Cedar City. My face had become a little swollen on the left side the day before we left and I was hoping that it had just been irritated from me swimming a lot the morning before. Of course not. It was even bigger the next day so we went to the doctor in Cedar City. I felt so awful that this was interfering on our trip! The doctor told me that I had an infection and sent me on my way with my amoxicillin. The medicine worked great and my mouth has been normal for a few days. Was it over? Not a chance! Yesterday the right side of my mouth started to hurt and so I had to get some more medication today. I really hope that this works and that I will have no more trouble from my wisdom teeth, or lack thereof.