Saturday, August 3, 2013

New Blog

So I know I haven't written on here in forever, but for those of you that I'm still on your list, I will now be writing on my married blog! Woot!

So, if you're still interested in my life even just a little bit, the blog is:

Love you all!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Last Day

Today is the last day of my job at Senator Hatch's office. Wow. I really can't believe this day is finally here. It has been a long, hard, and very insightful 8 months. I am so glad I worked here, and I am so glad for the lessons learned, and I am also glad to be moving on. Crazy how fast time goes by. Here's to new adventures! :)

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Sunday

This Easter Sunday was so fantastic. There is something special about the spirit of Easter that is even better than Christmas, which is saying a lot because I really really love Christmas.

This year was a bit different for me because I am the ward choir director in my ward, so for Easter, I was asked to put together a program that would take the place of the talks and musical number in Sacrament meeting. Well, it was quite the process putting it all together. After Christmas, I had a difficult time getting people to come back to choir. We didn't really get a good group there until the beginning of February, and by good group I mean anywhere from 10-15. We then were supposed to sing every month as well in Sacrament meeting, so we did (one of the times was ward conference), so by the time I got to thinking about Easter, it was probably the end of February. I picked out the 5 songs I wanted and was really excited about the program. The only problem was that people did not come consistently enough for us to learn the music really well, and also, 2 of the songs that I picked were pretty hard and the choir was just not going to have time to learn them well, despite the time already spent on them.

With that looming over me, and only a month until Easter, I dropped the 2 hard songs and added just one song, He is Risen. The only problem was, now that we had spent all that time on the 2 songs we dropped, we had to still learn 3 songs. So we learned 3 songs on March 25th, and still had to work on Jesus the Very Thought of Thee that we had practiced before. I am not gonna lie, I was stressed. I was so worried that it would not turn out! All I wanted was the program to be beautiful, help the congregation feel the spirit, and have the choir members be proud of their performance.

We did not practice the next week because it was Conference Sunday, so we decided to come at 10:30 on April 8th, the day we performed, to run through everything and hopefully get it all down.

So I had my accompanist learning 4 songs, and one I sprung on her 3 weeks before. She then texted me on Saturday telling me she couldn't play He is Risen and wondering if we could do a hymn instead. I started to panic, haha. So I told her it was no big deal, but I couldn't change it so last minute. I was already so stressed about all of the last minute-ness of the program! So I called our good friend Linda and she said she would play it the next day. Miracle. Rosemary also said that she and her siblings could add another song with an instrumental piece (which was soooo ridiculously beautiful).

I got to church at 10:30 on Easter, and all the rooms were still full. We had to wait until 10:45, but that worked out well because people come late, so everyone was pretty much there by the time we started :) We started practicing, and it was generally good, but definitely some trouble spots. I kept praying that the people in our ward would feel the spirit no matter how we sounded.

As we were doing our final run through before church, I was blown away at how great they sounded and the spirit they emanated. It was incredible. There are no words for how amazed I was.

Sacrament meeting was beautiful and perfect. The bishop spoke of Christ's last week on the earth, what he went through, and what it meant for us.

I know that the Easter program turning out was a complete miracle, and yes, Linda played amazingly on He Is Risen.

I am so grateful for my Savior. I am grateful we get to celebrate his life, and more specifically his Atonement for each of us every Easter. I know Jesus Christ lived. I know he came to this earth so that he could atone for each and every one of us; for our sins, our sadness, our loneliness, and any other problems or hurt we may experience in this life. He did it so that we would not be condemned by our human imperfection. He did it so that we could grow and change and develop into the people that he sent us here to become. I know He is merciful and kind and that He loves us each unconditionally. I love Him and I'm so grateful for Him!!


Today is my 23rd birthday! And to celebrate, my mom and I were able to go shopping for birthday clothes, and I just wanted to let you know that I think my mom is the coolest ever. We ended up buying matching sunglasses (not the ones pictured above) and having just a fantastic afternoon together. She is the most thoughtful and wonderful woman I know and I am so lucky to have her as my mom!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Be Happy

Someone posted this on FB and I just had to share. Have a happy day!

13 Simple Steps to get through a Rough Day

Step 1: Print this picture and hang it over your desk.

Step 2: Be uplifted by this inspiring corgi cross stitch.

Step 3: Feel pretty.

Step 4: Imagine you are this penguin.

Step 5: Feel empowered.

Step 6: Remember that these dogs are on your side.

Step 7: And this dog with a goat will fight for you as well.

Step 8: Be happy that you aren't one of these people.

Step 9: Be happy that these are not your taco shells.

Step 10: Hey look, Johnny Depp had to iron cheese sandwiches too!

Step 11: Allow yourself to enjoy these pictures of dogs.

Step 12: Look at this cat riding a rooster.

Step 13: Look at this hedgehog wearing a tiny hat.

For freeeeeee??

I love free stuff. It just makes anything you get even better! For example: a frisbee is fun and awesome, but a frisbee you get at a parade that is just thrown to you??? SUPER awesome. It applies with every scenario.

Yesterday was free cone day at Ben & Jerry's, and imagine my delight when I looked up locations of Ben & Jerry's and the only one in the whole state of Utah is at the Gateway mall! Needless to say, I went during my lunch break. And don't worry, I ate my lunch at my desk before going as to not spoil my appetite, because I know you were fretting about that. My momma definitely taught me right!

So I just wanted to say thank you Ben & Jerry's, for delighting my tastebuds and stomach with your delicious ice cream. It was even more delicious because you gave it to me for free.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Changed Layout

So I decided to change the layout of my blog. Still debating what I think. While I was at it I changed the title, since I haven't ever been super attached to the one I had before.


You may be seeing it change the next few days as I try out some new things, and I would love some feedback.