Wednesday, April 4, 2012

For freeeeeee??

I love free stuff. It just makes anything you get even better! For example: a frisbee is fun and awesome, but a frisbee you get at a parade that is just thrown to you??? SUPER awesome. It applies with every scenario.

Yesterday was free cone day at Ben & Jerry's, and imagine my delight when I looked up locations of Ben & Jerry's and the only one in the whole state of Utah is at the Gateway mall! Needless to say, I went during my lunch break. And don't worry, I ate my lunch at my desk before going as to not spoil my appetite, because I know you were fretting about that. My momma definitely taught me right!

So I just wanted to say thank you Ben & Jerry's, for delighting my tastebuds and stomach with your delicious ice cream. It was even more delicious because you gave it to me for free.

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A Mitton said...

you are welcome.