Sunday, October 4, 2009


Two years ago, April Conference 2008, I was a young Freshman just going with my roommates to the Sunday morning session of Conference. We left the Conference Center to see a group of people with Free Hug signs. We took a picture with one and it was way fun.

We put the picture up on Facebook for all to see, and lo and behold, "Free Hug Man" and I had a common friend that tagged him in our picture. He made us his profile picture and then proceeded to add us as friends on Facebook.

A year passed, and April Conference 2009 came. As we left the Sunday morning session of Conference yet again, we saw the exact same Free Hug Man!! We went up to him, he remembered us, and we took another epic picture.

This last summer we started to chat with him more, and now we've actually become pretty good friends with the Free Hug Man, aka Jordan Bailey, and so this year he told us that we should try Free Hugging in between Conference sessions. I was personally very skeptical but Vanessa felt like we should go since he had invited us.

After the morning session of Conference we met up with Jordan and his friends and they handed us some Free Hug signs. We started yelling "Free Hugs" at everyone who passed, and surprisingly, it was such a fun experience!!!

People LOVED Free Hugs!! We were hugging old people, young people, college age kids, and a lot of people from different countries. People thanked us for being there and for just being happy! They also gave us free cookies, free lunchables, and free conference tickets for the next session. Vanessa and I went back to the house, but it's awesome that we could have gotten a ticket so easily!

I'm glad we met Jordan 2 years ago while he was doing this, and I'm glad we finally got to be a part of it!

A hug delights and warms and charms, that must be why God gave us arms! -Author Unknown